Cyber Network Defence (CND) is IBEL’s team of cyber experts, engaged across all competencies and functions, tasked with identifying and responding to the most advanced threats, threat actors and cyber attacks. CND combines cyber experts with proven methodologies, sophisticated technology and intelligence to create an unrivalled ability to identify and manage new and emerging threats.

The purpose behind regulations and standards is to create a rational and objective framework to help organisations address the myriad risks associated with the overwhelmingly complex and continually evolving nature of cyber attacks, threats and exploits. With standards and regulations in place, these objective benchmarks can be used by entities to see if, and where, their existing cyber security posture falls short and take appropriate mitigation actions to address these gaps.

Infrastructure and System Integration (I&SI) underpins our professional services offering for governments and corporations, providing applications, services and solutions that ensure our clients stay at the forefront of cyber security. Our I&SI services are distilled into three core areas; technical architecture, implementation, and project management. Through this holistic approach, we provide end-to- end solutions with and draw on resources from across IBEL’s business.