Technical Architecture

Our technical architects translate business needs into solutions designing the tools, services, software and hardware to preempt and solve technical challenges. In addition to unique project services, the technical architecture team offers a range of infrastructure assessment packages to evaluate the efficacy, security and compliance of organisational systems, including:

Virtual assessment

When it comes to virtualization, it is absolutely critical for companies to have a well thought out security strategy. Though security is critical for virtual infrastructure, many firms have failed to take it into consideration.

IT security assessment

With our IT Infrastructure Management and Process Specialists put you ahead, ensuring your IT environment is safe, productive, and up-to-date. When you engage with IBEL team, you can be ensured that your entire IT environment is scanned for Effectiveness, Efficiency, Security and Compliance.

Infrastructure assessment including Network, Servers, Storage and Security

Your IT security assessment will be handled by IBEL team who are subject matter experts, thought leaders and highly experienced security professionals with expertise in every aspect of cyber security. They are continually identifying new vulnerabilities and pioneering technologies and strategies to mitigate threats, providing our clients with unparalleled insight and integrated solutions to protect their organizations.

Critical facilities assessment

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive, adaptive, facility-based, and fully integrated data center through the fusion of technology, infrastructure, and operational expertise. Our model, based on various statistical methodologies and bench-marking data, focuses on three attributes that have the greatest impact on cost, performance, and continuity: critical facility design, critical facilities operations, and critical facilities technology strategy.


During the project lifecycle, our implementation engineers work with client organisations to deploy infrastructural and technical solutions. They ensure new systems are swiftly operational with minimal service disruption. Specifically, our engineers are responsible for the build, test and handover of solutions making sure they are operationally supportable. Their work is compatible with all levels of computing, networking, security and management technologies, and also includes:

Desktop migrations

We can help your business increase its productivity by bringing your desktop environment into the 21st century. We offer a variety of services, from hardware and software upgrades to desktop virtualization. Our technical staff is certified and experienced with a variety of desktop platforms. In addition, IBEL team can upgrade and maintain your desktop-based environment, from printers to portable storage devices.

Office migrations

Are you looking to migrate the on-site data to cloud? The IT industry has helped the global lumbering economy register its fastest growth in the 21st century. Keeping in mind the demand of client to spur the business, we at IBEL, offer you cloud based platform to lower the IT cost. Cloud based platform offers you an online platform where you can manage, collate and integrate the entire important data related to the organization.

Windows server migrations

Migrating your enterprise to a modern Microsoft Windows operating system will be imperative to the health of your organization, but it is also a complex process that can strain IT resources. Our team helps dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk associated with end-of-life technologies. You can count on IBEL team to help your organization transition workloads to newer operating systems, and to cloud models.

Messaging migrations

The IBEL team adheres to industry-leading best practices and proven methodologies that ensure your upgraded, consolidated messaging infrastructure can provide your organization with the following benefits: increased effectiveness, increased customer satisfaction, effective messaging tools for employees, both deskbound and mobile, speedier transactions, enhanced customer service, increased productivity. IBEL gives you the confidence to move ahead with this process that touches every user and every aspect of your organization.

Project Management

Our project managers work with clients to evaluate their needs and identify sophisticated, tailored solutions for their business. They draw on resources from across IBEL’s business and manage projects from initiation and planning through to execution and completion. They work side by side with client team members during the planning and execution phase, ensuring that nuances of time, budget, scope and quality are adhered to throughout. They also instigate regular communication, including weekly, bi-weekly and monthly meetings, to guarantee alignment and successful project completion.